Benefits of Pool Training for Fighters

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Benefits of Pool Training for Fighters

Whether it’s hydrotherapy, aquatic sprints, guided pool workout or just simple lap swimming, pool training offers many benefits for fighters as a supplementary training activity. Some fight teams and fighters have incorporated pool training as part of their routine and it may be time for you to consider doing the same. 

Here is a look at five benefits of pool training for fighters:

Low Impact Training

Muay Thai and many fight training are high-impact activities which can put the joints and muscles under a lot of stress. One of the biggest benefits of swimming is that it offers an occasional break from the regular training with minimal effect on the training commitment. 

Core Strengthening

As a full-body workout, pool training can help to build core muscles more effectively than many other strengthening programs. Swimming engages all muscle groups simultaneously, especially the abdominal muscles when performing the kicking motion.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Like running, swimming is one of the best exercises to build stamina. The benefit of swimming over running, as mentioned earlier, is that it is a low-impact form of training. As humans can’t breathe underwater, there is an emphasis on proper breathing, helping to build lung capacity. 


Hydrotherapy is a popular athletic rehabilitation method. The properties of the water help fighters exercise as they recover. Being submerged in water has been known to reduce swelling, improve circulation and diminished soreness. This is why you feel relaxed when you are in water.


It is easy to experience mental fatigue from training, especially when many traditional methods are used over and over again, day after day. By mixing things up with variety, a fighter becomes more motivated to train. 

With such great benefits, it is no wonder pool training is becoming popular even in combat sports. At Muay Thai Academy, through our partnership with Rompo Mansion, fighters training with us can get access to the olympic-sized swimming pool. Guided pool workouts are also being planned at MTA for everyone training with us. Look out for more updates.

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