Where to shop Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

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Where to shop Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

Why go all over Bangkok to visit different Muay Thai shops when you can find all brands at Super Export Shop?

Shopping for Muay Thai gear is a must-do for any fight fan who is coming for a vacation in Bangkok. The Thai capital boasts the best collection of fight gear shops in the country, and the best prices too. 

Gear and equipment that are made in Thailand are known for their high-quality often at the lowest prices you can find anywhere in the world. Every brand offers its own range of unique designs so there are unlimited choices to choose from. 

For the widest range of Muay Thai brands all under one roof, Super Export Shop is the best there is. From Fairtex to Twins, Top King, Yokkao, Raja and so much more - you no longer have to travel all around Bangkok hunting for your gear. More importantly, we offer the best prices with discounts and regular sales - all with a smile. 

Super Export Shop is also the official distributor and retailer of Booster Fight Gear, King Pro Boxing and Danger Equipment in Asia. You can find them exclusively at the store. These are three brands to look out for, each putting out innovative products for the global fight community. Many world-class fighters and promotions around the world are sponsored by these brands and they are only going to get bigger.

We will also be releasing some exclusive collaboration with one of the biggest gyms in Thailand. Look out for more exciting updates which will be released very soon.

Where do we recommend to shop Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok? The answer is simple: Super Export Shop!

Address: Rimthang-Rodfai Road, Khlong-Toey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Phone: +66 2 671 1850

Email: info@superexportshop.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ superexportshop/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ superexportshop/



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