Guide to Muay Thai Vacations in Bangkok Part 2

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Guide to Muay Thai Vacations in Bangkok Part 2

In part 1 of this guide, we went through some of the key things to take note of regarding training in Bangkok. There is a lot more to your Muay Thai vacation than just training Muay Thai. Here are a few more tips to help make your trip more enjoyable:

Watch Fights

This is a MUST. Bangkok hosts daily fights at the highest level with the best fighters of the world. Lumpinee stadium has fights on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays while the equally prestigious Rajadamnern stadium runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. For a sampler, Sunday is a great day with smaller events at Channel 7 stadium (near Chatuchak market), MX Muay Xtreme (The Bazaar Hotel) and Muay Thai Super Champ (near Khao San road). All three shows are free admission.

Transport Advice

Bangkok traffic jam is no joke, particularly around the city center. Whenever possible, the BTS and MRT train systems are the best way to get around the city but peak-hour crowds can be crushing. Another efficient way for shorter distances is the “motorsai” or motorcycle taxis. These guys can weave through the traffic fast and easy for a reasonable price. For longer distances outside of rush hour, download GRAB app so you don’t have to worry about taxi scams.


One of the most beloved things about Thailand is the affordable massage offered all around the country. Massage is a wonderful way to relax and helps to aid muscle recovery after training. Most of all, massages in Thailand are very affordable compared to most other countries. An hour of full-body massage can cost only around 150 to 300 baht. More established spas will charge double of that, which is still within budget for most visitors.


Sight-seeing is an important part of all and any vacation. Bangkok has a wide range of tourist attractions to offer, including historic sites, grand temples, markets, diverse activities, cultural immersions and famed entertainment outlets. Take the opportunity to see the city, meet the people and experience the unique Thai culture. There is something for everyone.

Shop Gear

Shopping is a reason why many people come to Thailand. For the best prices, Bangkok is the place to shop for your Muay Thai training needs. You can find all made-in-Thailand brands in the capital at the lowest prices and the widest range to choose from. You shouldn’t be leaving Thailand without some new gear and the best place to shop is at Super Export Shop (of course). It’s the one-stop shop with the biggest inventory and widest selection in Thailand.

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